ADiLife is the Connected Health  cloud platform which supports patients in active surveillance and fiduciary isolation, granting contactless connections to doctors and nurses, to help users manage cares during their stay at home, in full compliance with the GDPR privacy statements.

The ADILIFE platform provides tools to allow the creation of groups, by pathology or geographical area, associating doctors and nurses for each patient, provide remote management and constant surveillance throughout their stay at home quarantine period.

The new COVID-19 ADiLife APP provided to patients, is available for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. It includes a brief questionnaire to easy and rapidly classify the patients infection conditions, very helpful to monitor together hundreds of patients. Access to the service is possible after receiving the Login account from  your reference healthcare facility, to start the forced isolation surveillance period following the doctors recommendations.


What can doctor do?

  • Access the list and status of the assigned users from the entry dashboard
  • Visualize the user history, measurements trends and medical data (PHR)
  • Manage anamnesis, medication doses, notifications and alerts, televisit appointments schedule, see live or asynchronous measurements
  • Set custom thresholds and manage alarms based on measurements (emergency and urgency)
  • Communicate with the patient (SMS, Email, …)
  • Videocall patients

For healthcare providers assisting patients at home ADiLife provides a dedicated application (for smartphones and tablets) in order to allows them to manage non-computerized patients enrolled in the system and monitored by the medical center.

What can user do?

  • Access his/her measurement history/trends
  • Take measurements with IOT wireless medical devices such as thermometers, SpO2, blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate or input data by hand with its own medical devices
  • The thermometers used are “No touch”
  • Receive notifications, alerts for medications, appointments, televisits, thresholds and targets
  • Keep in contact with  the reference healthcare facility via video communication

Contactless remote monitoring helps the patient in temporary isolation status to be less distressing and more active, being his heath condition constantly shared with the healthcare facilities, granting a higher level of safety to the patients, healthcare operators and to the community.

The ADiLife C-19 APP

Some pictures of our APP


The COVID-19 ADiLife App experience has been witnessed by Dr. Simona Amato, director of the ASL Roma 3 (one of the biggest local national health care institutions covering the territory of Rome) during the TV program “Italia Sì” presented by Marco Liorni, on the national Italian Television Network Rai1. Copy of her speech can be found on “Panorama della Sanità” magazine on the online news channel “il Faro Online“.

Download the Android app or connect to the WebApp if you are using iOS or Windows