A complete point of virtual care

ADiLife Platform

ADiLife is a multi pathology platform created to achieve excellence in the connected health sector by exploiting the best practices of digital healthcare and the most advanced frontiers of information communication technology.

ADiLife is a complete point of virtual care offering better and improved features compared to any other telemedicine platform on the market today:

  • User friendly patient and provider interface
  • Administrative back end: roles, groups, patients and operator’s management tools
  • Patient’s management tools: history, trends, PHR, therapy adherence, reports
  • Multi media/channel communication
  • Artificial intelligence for patients screening
  • Live and asynchronous parameter measurements
  • EMR, PHR interfacing
  • Mobility (web browser, Smartphone App for IOS & Android)
  • SaaS (Cloud) and On Premises solutions

Why ADiLife?

Complete range of Medical diagnostic devices
Glucometer, weight scale, oximeter, thermometer, blood pressure meter, electrocardiograph (1-12 leads), spirometer, dermatoscope, multiparameters devices. Any additional device may be integrated on request.
Video call center (Web RTC)
Interactive multi video sessions, instant presence, hold and call transfer between operator and specialists, screen, document and image sharing ( e.g. DICOM, reports, analyses ...).
Patient’s management tools
Easy setting for thresholds, milestones, reminders, medications, notice, alerts and trends.
Live and asynchronous measurements
Heart rate, Breath rate, Temperature, Posture, Activity, Heart Rate Variability, Steps, Blood Pressure, Glucose, Oxygen saturation, Body Weight, Body Fat, BMI, including live EKG.
Multi-communication channels
Platform includes video communication, mobile push notifications, SMS, virtual assistant, Social networks, Google home and Amazon Echo (Alexa).
Advanced PHR filing
Easy to access, manage and share medical data by the user and authorized personnel, in a private, secure, and confidential environment.
Tailored services on request
Project oriented solutions designed on customer requirements (e.g. security, diet plan, pacemakers monitoring, chronical disease ...).
Easy Interfacing
Customized APIs and high level interoperability (e.g. EMRs, PHRs and medical devices integration).

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Main features

ADiLife makes use of state-of-the-art medical devices and home automation solutions in many application scenarios, ranging from prevention, self-measurements, monitoring of chronical patients to remote assistance.

1. Vital Parameters Monitoring

ADiLife integrates a wide range of certified medical devices. It allows to monitor a great variety of vital parameters, which according to the needs can be selected in a simple and intuitive mode by the user, caregiver and operator according to the needs. In the same simple way parametric thresholds can be set and in case these are exceeded a messages or an alarm signals, will alert the users and his tutor, using different transmission media ( SMS, phone call, e-mail, social networks ...). In addition the patient will always be assisted by CELESTE, ADiLife's artificial intelligence chatbot.

2. Second opinion, Televisit & Teleconsulting

ADiLife offers an advanced webRTC Video Call Center system that integrates video communication and collaboration, agnostic to any operation systems (Windows, Android, IOS), providing a set of tools to facilitate video call and document/image sharing, allowing smooth and intuitive communication between the users of the platform: doctor, patient, specialist, and any actor in the healthcare process.

3. Patient Management (Elderly, Fragile, Chronic)

ADiLife is the ideal platform for chronical patients management. Together with the measurement of vital parameters, ADiLife offers a modern and intuitive clinical diary, recording medical data and trends, patients history therapeutic events and an advanced system for managing medication dosage and posology with the option to activate reminder and if necessary send alert to a caregiver for assistance.

4. Behaviour Analysis

ADiLife platform allows to monitor the activity of a user with degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's by simply installing motion intensity meters in the most significant rooms of his house (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom) to follow the user's day by day "health status", along with safety sensors providing indications about his presence at home, or gas, smoke and environmental detectors.

5. Therapy compliance

ADiLife provides an advanced patients management system which includes medication dosage control and therapy compliance notification using automated tools (e.g. mobile notifications, SMS alerts, smart pill dispenser ...).

6. Medical History Management

ADiLife provides all the tools necessary to manage the patient's medical history and trends including pathologies, physiological data, surgeries, allergies, medications etc..

7. Therapeutic Program

ADiLife provides the doctor with a complete treatment process planning tool, including time schedule, type and dosage of the medications to be taken, medical analysis, examinations and measurements.

8. Clinical Diary

ADiLife provides the patient, caregiver and doctor with an easy-to-use clinical diary management tool for recording and highlighting any important health status, including moods and behaviours that may influence the treatment process itself.

9. Virtual Assistant

ADiLife provides a virtual assistant interface CELESTE based on IBM WATSON technology which interacts with the user/patient in natural language. The user can interact with the assistant about his health and get back suggestions, reccomandations and general information.

10. Symptom Checker

ADiLife makes available a self-diagnosis system that, based on a very wide symptom and diagnosis database, managed by Artificial Intelligence Algoritms, provides the patient/care giver a valid help to immediately identify possible diseases.


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Clinical Experiences


ADiLife makes available the most innovative devices to diabetic patient's community to better manage this pathology.


ADiLife interacts with the most modern spirometers available on the market and allows to manage the COPD patient’s parameters such as the respiration volume and speed.
ADiLife’s clinical diary keeps track of any progress or respiratory capacity improvements and trend.


Patients suffering heart disease can use a wide range of innovative wearable and wireless medical devices made available by the ADiLife platform, thus allowing patients, caregivers and doctors to take synchronous and asynchronous measurements, providing real-time ECG monitoring for comparison with other parameters such as respiratory rate, activity, posture, HRV, temperature, weight, sleep quality, etc... and many others, necessary for managing long-term patient’s heath trends.

Diet Plan

ADiLife provides in addition a number of ad-hoc applications such as for instance the diet plan, allowing nutritionist to schedule the most suitable treatment plan, including food management, medication dosage, prescription adherence, examinations and measurements of the parameters to be performed, as well as the possibility of sending reminders to patients with a notification of the scheduled events. Other pathology care plans may be implemented on request.

Active and Assisted Living

Home automation sensors interfacing ADiLife platform allow to monitoring the users life style and behaviour. Parameters such as activity, movements, door exit, room presents, bathroom usage etc..., measured with activity detectors, gas, smoke or door sensors provide a higher level of safety to elderly and / or frail patients and to their caregivers.


ADiLife can track your wellness and fitness level thanks to the range of wearable devices and multiparameter solutions. The platform can provide a whole range of information relating to physical activity, calorie consumption, speed and distance, HRV, Stress, physical recovery, sleep quality. Data are collected using ADiLife Mobile App and shown locally or on your PC, and can be made available in real time for use by a coach, a personal trainer or a doctor.