POR Campania FESR 2014-2020


“ADiLife” Internationalization Project

ADiLife Srl, an innovative start-up specialized in digital healthcare and capable of providing highly specialized telemedicine services, has a strong inclination towards foreign markets, due to the  intrinsic characteristics of the “connected health” product it offers.

Among the initiatives promoted by the company  is the ADiLife Internationalization Project, implemented as part of the POR Campania FESR 2014/2020 procedure – “Public Notice for the granting of grants aimed at financing internationalization programs for Micro and SMEs in Campania” of which to the Executive Decree n. 53 of 16/03/2018 and subsequent amendments, financed by Decree no. 53 of 14/02/2019 – CUP: B25F19000740007.

The Project was born from the company’s desire to promote ADiLife platform on foreign markets in order to identify international operators (public and / or private health structures, insurance companies, service providers, companies and private subjects such as patients, doctors, specialists and clinicians) interested in starting business opportunities and or the  acquisition of  user license.

The project activities, carried out between 2019 and 2020, include : the use of specialist support for the development of the Marketing Plan in order to identify the basic strategic line; search for operators in North America and Canada, with the aim of capturing potential business partners and favouring the company entry into identified foreign markets; web marketing and advertising actions, aimed at promoting the company, the brand and the platform services abroad.

Objectives of the program

The “ADiLife” internationalization program, implemented  thanks to the support of the POR Campania FESR 2014/2020, was structured with the aim of providing the promoting company with an international dimension that would allow it to reach its targets;  expand its network of contacts and collaborations in the identified foreign markets.

The actions were therefore planned with the aim of giving a significant boost to the international character of the company and to support the entire process of penetration into the identified regional markets.

Accomplished results

The company has entered a network of specialized international operators that has expanded and improved the company’s network of contacts: through the structured search for international operators, the company has entered into relationships with new markets to conclude commercial agreements.

To this end, a series of initiatives were launched and implemented with various Canadian companies, both public and private, with video conferences and calls, which made it possible to deepen potential synergies and collaborations with local Canadian partners, able to provide  locally support to the company, creating the basis for positive future developments.

Thanks to the implementation of the internationalization program, the company has managed to:

  • networking: the opening towards the identified target markets has allowed the company to identify foreign operators in the sector interested in their business, to get in touch with potential partners with whom to expand their business pool and therefore to enrich their own contacts;
  • improve its know-how: by expanding the network, the company has enriched its knowledge and initiated a fruitful exchange of know-how with foreign operators in the sector;
  • expand the customer portfolio: the project made it possible to interact with potential new customers, thus expanding the possibilities of partnership and consequently the company’s market share;
  • promote competitive improvement: the internationalization program has allowed the company to promote and improve its brand identity, retaining existing customers and expanding the network of potential ones.

Below are the main contacts started with foreign operators in the telehealth market sector and the  names of the attendees  meet during the  video conferences  held between January and March 2020.



Sherweb offers IT services to companies all over the world in the management of data and security. These services allow companies operating in the most different sectors to quickly adapt themselves to changes, which is not always possible with an internal IT infrastructure. Sherweb today has over 40,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

Video conference with ADiLife representatives
ADiLife attendees: Claudio Di Giovanni, Martino Politi, Fabio Paviglione, Vincenzo Gullà
I4U attendees: Caterina Meglio, Albert De Luca
Sherweb attendees: Matthew Cassar (President and co-Founder), Jessica Paglino (Executive Assistant), Nadia Martel (Vice President Corporate Development)


Volaris Group Inc. is a multinational company with a healthcare section, which proposes solutions (Criterions) for the simplification of medical practices, electronic patient registration, document management (from billing to scheduling) and more.

Video conference with ADiLife representatives
ADiLife attendees: Claudio Di Giovanni, Martino Politi, Fabio Paviglione, Vincenzo Gullà
I4U attendees: Caterina Meglio, Albert De Luca
Volaris attendees: Tony Taddeo, Business Development Executive

harris computer

Harris Computer (HC) is an investment company operating in the IT world and investing in innovative solutions including M&A transactions. HC works most with the Public Administration, providing IT solutions for the simplification and optimization of bureaucratic processes. One branch of the company is focused on investments in the Healthcare sector.

Video conference with ADiLife representatives
ADiLife participants: Vincenzo Gullà
I4U participants: Caterina Meglio, Albert De Luca
HC Participants: Nick Nardi, Harris Computer Vice President

united therapeutics

United Therapeutics Corporation is a biotechnology company that invests in new technologies. In particular, in recent years they have invested  heavily in the branch of bioinformatics becoming  leaders in North American

Video conference with ADiLife representatives
ADiLife participants: Claudio Di Giovanni, Martino Politi, Fabio Paviglione, Vincenzo Gullà
I4U participants: Caterina Meglio, Albert De Luca
UT Participants: Paul Gray Senior Partner of United therapeutics