Covid Free Company

Covid Free Company

ADiLife and phase 2: business recovery in COVID FREE mode

The Covid-19 pandemic creates major problems to the entire economy, business and tourism system. We must learn to live with it and to think about recovery with a strong focus on prevention and safety, using suitable means that can protect operators, workers, customers and entrepreneurs.

ADiLife C-19 is the platform that allows to preserve safety of companies or guest structures with active monitoring of workers, customers or tourists. Ideal tool to cope with COVID 19 PHASE 2 emergency challenge , in full security and privacy compliance with the GDPR.

It is an innovative web platform that ensures access to COVID FREE areas. It allows real-time verification of COVID19 risk conditions and immediate notification of critical issues, to guarantee safety in the monitored area. Easy to use, it’s accessible via the internet with any browser and compatible with any digital device such as PC, tablet, smartphone.

It allows to monitor COVID symptoms using a proven digital questionnaire, adding measurement of physiological parameters such as temperature. Thanks to the pre-set automatisms on the platform, the detected results are analyzed to verify the presence of critical issues that can trigger a possible safety intervention, guaranteeing health status control within the controlled area.

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